The asparagus season is there again. On a pub in the belgian television I saw this recipe. Again an interesting combination worth trying. The dutch version can be found here.

Ingredients for 4 persons (as a starter):

– 500 grams of asparagus

– 0.3 dl olive oil

– 50 grams chorizo ​​sausage

– Zest of half a lime

– Salt, pepper

– 50g parmesan shavings

– Rocket salad


– Peel the asparagus and cut the bottom ends off.

– Cut the chorizo ​​sausage into small pieces

– Boil the asparagus for 3 minutes and drain on a damp cloth.

– Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the chorizo ​​sausage.

– Add the zest to the chorizo ​​oil and let it simmer.

– Grill the asparagus in a hot grill pan.

– Arrange the asparagus on a plate, drizzle with chorizo ​​oil and season with pepper and parmesan. Garnish with rocket salad.